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Comparing ourselves…Our lives are not like Real numbers. We cant compare two and say A>B. We are complex… We are all unique in our own ways and we should never ever make the mistake of thinking… “aah I am not as good as him”. Yes you could compare I earn 1/5th of what he does or […]
BelieveI freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves -Harriet Tubman I dont know how many teachers find this one line very true about students! I do indeed. The problem is sometimes the parents, sometimes the surroundings. They have been told to benchmark so low […]
Determination and Courage sets you apartAt the age of 64 Diana Nyad became the first person (not just a female) to swim 180 KM without any a shark cage in her 5th attempt from the cuban coast to the coast of florida.  The swim takes 55 hours to be completed! If that’s not inspiring enough what is! It is a reminder to […]
Come be a teacherThis comes from the teacher in me and is dedicated to all that chose to be teachers… I am Proud to be a Teacher. What most do may endure for a few weeks/ months/ years, but what I do will go on for generations to come. If I can change 100 students every year, I […]

Current Scenario in Bhagalpur

The best students flock to Delhi/ Kota for good education. The students who come to Bhagalpur are essentially from villages or nearby towns. The institutes have been pretty guilty too because they have not delivered as much to the students. At this stage the students don't realize how competitive the exam is. They are taught at a much simpler level than demanded. The majority student is happy if the level is very simple. Mediocrity is the name of the game here. Teachers have tried to teach at a good level but they have failed because many students who come from other nearby villages and towns have not so strong basics. During admissions false promises are doled out but as time passes, the students themselves realize they have weak basics. The teachers are no longer interested in the hard work of improving them. There is a need for the teaching community to deliver the best quality here itself so that the parents and teachers don't have to spend so much money to send their children outside. We hope that our endeavour and hard work will bring some positive change.

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Test Series for IIT JEE

The dates for the test series for IIT JEE are as follows:
25th December 2013
5th January 2014
16th January 2014
25th January 2014
5th February 2014
The syllabus has been given in the class. Please meet your instructor for the same

List of Holidays

14th January: Makar Sankranti
28th January: Study Leave
29th January: Study Leave
30th January: Study Leave
For the complete list please visit Calendar

Test for class XI

31st January: Monthly Test
(Syllabus: S-P block, Oxidation-Reduction, Gravitation, Complex Numbers)